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What kind of structure ?

Where are your logs going? Fire Pit or Fire Place? Check out our diagram on both to accurately measure your fire configuration.

Download and print out our diagram with measurement instructions so you can fill in the correct measurements on the spot!


Take your measurements

Use a measuring tape to measure the different areas of your fire pit or fireplace. You will need these measurements for the configuration form submission.

Fire Pit

Write down the inner diameter of your fire pit (blue line) and the diameter of your fire pit gas burner (red line).

Fire Place

Write down the width of your fire place box (red line), the depth of your fireplace box (blue line) and the height of your fire box. You will also need the length and width of your Fire Place grate.


Choose your package

Once you have all of your measurements, you will need to decide which package, style and any add-ons you would like. Check out our unbeatable packages with custom pricing for your sized fire pit to better fit ALL of your needs!

Unyielding creativity. Unbeatable prices.

Are you ready to wow your guests at your next patio party?


Submit your configuration to our consultants

Once you have decided your perfect fire structure, including package, layout and any add-ons, head to our configuration form to tell us a little more about your vision. This is where our epic, fire transformation journey begins.

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